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Built Better

Celebrating 70 years of manufacturing and development in 2018, Bailey continues to develop its cutting edge ‘Class leading’ caravan and Unique Body Shell construction system – Alu-tech. Managing Director Adrian van Geelen states “not many companies get to 70years life span and this alone says a lot about Bailey, its commitment to the caravan and motorhome fraternity and its striving to produce the lightest, strongest and most tested caravan and RV construction system in its class ensuring life long enjoyment and value for money”.

Built Better

Built Light

Being the leader in lightweight caravan and motorhome construction means we focus on what makes life easy. Lightweight RV’s mean reduced stress on the road, easier to maneuver on site, reduced fuel consumption and a longer product life span for life’s journeys.

Built Tough

Just because its light doesn’t mean its not strong. Automotive car track tests in Europe and Australia combined with ‘real-life’ physical testing from the warmest and harshest of climates in Australia’s Outback to the coldest and most extreme in the Artic Circle, you name it Bailey has ‘really’ travelled to the ends of the Planet ensuring our caravans and motorhomes meet and exceed expectations whilst doing it in a little bit of luxury.

Built Tough

Bailey New South Wales

21 Advantage Avenue
Morisset, New South Wales, 2264

(02) 4973 6736

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